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Kate Jonuska

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Editor in Chief


Inhale discipline, exhale creativity.


Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and History




I’m indie author, freelance writer, yoga teacher, and native Coloradan. Specializing in food, health and the arts, my freelance features have appeared in top-notch regional publications like the Denver Post, Boulder Weekly and Boulder Magazine. I’ve reviewed restaurants (Colorado Springs Gazette, 2011-2012) as well as exercise classes (Boulder Daily Camera), and even trained as a contributor for NPR affiliate KRCC.

My passion, however, has always been for fiction. My short stories have been Pushcart Prize-nominated and my first novel, Transference, was a finalist for the 2017 BookLife Prize. I write across and between several genres — science fiction, literary fiction, satire, dystopia — and on good days see my style as a fusion of Margaret Atwood and Amy Schumer. In other words, I love words both multisyllabic and four-lettered, and I’m afraid to use neither.

Passionate about story in all its forms, I also wrote and published The Dictionary of Fiction Critique, edit short-story anthologies, and teach fiction and meditation for writers at conferences and retreats.