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Our mission is to create an inclusive and thoughtful collective of professional software engineers helping each other reach independence with a strong focus on the craft, quality, ethics, and security of software engineering. We want everyone to be empowered to reach their greatest potential through autonomy, mastery, and purpose and extreme rigor. Much like how law firms are a collective of attorneys and clinics are a collective of doctors, we are a collective of software engineers supporting each other through collaboration and our own service offerings. Some of us might band together and form companies while others might remain independent. Regardless, the goal is combine our collective talents to help other reach independence and take control of our destiny. 🎉

As people gather to discuss complex ideas, we'll be able to share these thoughts via this site in the following ways:

This achieves the following:

  • Leads by example.
  • Provides a wealth of knowledge to educate others.
  • Empowers people to improve their life and the lives of those around them.
  • Allows those, who contribute to the collective, to be honored for their contributions.
  • Encourages our profession, as a whole, to be exemplary.

We realize this might not be everyone's cup of tea. Being part of this collective will take moral strength, rigor, constant maintenance, and unyielding practice. None-the-less, whether you are part of this collective and/or a consumer of what is shared here, we hope you'll walk away more enlightened than when you arrived.