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We offer several services which revolve around expertise and craft of software engineering with Ruby being our primary language of choice. Software engineering is both a craft and a calling which is technical, an art, and a combination of excellent communication skills all of which are important in building a well jelled team.



We would be happy to leverage several decades of experience to work closely with you to build a product your customers, you, and we all enjoy. Your success is our success which means there is always the possibility of future collaborations which are the most joyful collaborations.

Additionally, we are happy to augment and level up your team with additional firepower if that suites you better.



Should you need a fast and one-click solution, you can become a sponsor via a monthly or one-time subscription which supports all our open source projects. These are of great benefit to you since we bring this firepower with us to each job as a powerful form of augmented engineering.

We specialize in -- but not limited too -- the following skills which we always bring to the table for any service offered:

Feel to contact us via info at so we can learn more about you and figure out how best to help. 🎉