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Published January 1, 2020 Updated February 9, 2023

Hello and welcome to Alchemists!

The architecture, design, and mission of the Alchemists collective has been 10+ years in the making with multiple starts and stops along the way. Now as a new decade dawns, I am pleased to announce this site and community dedicated to the craft of software engineering, an online amalgam of knowledge and resources from which engineers and the profession at large can learn and grow. While most of the knowledge shared is currently mine, I welcome more voices to join and contribute to this Alchemist collective, whether you’re an employee, contractor, freelancer, founder, or dabbler. All are welcome here who believe in the Alchemists Oath, Code of Conduct, and Values. If you want to be a champion of our Mission, you’ve found your tribe. To begin, please spend time exploring the main menu links:

  • Articles - Longer form thoughts on a variety of topics within the craft of software engineering.

  • Screencasts - Screencast tutorials revolving around software tips, tricks, and techniques.

  • Talks - Public talks and workshops on various software engineering topics.

  • Projects - Our open source projects, many of which power this site.

  • Community - Our community chat and virtual gatherings.

Also, I encourage you to subscribe to anything of interest. Above all, welcome. Together, let’s build better software and a better world!