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Published March 28, 2021 Updated March 13, 2023
Docker Alpine Base Icon

Docker Alpine Base


Provides a base Alpine Linux Docker image with a minimal set of tooling. Great for being used as a foundational image for building on top of, for example, the Docker Alpine Ruby image.


  • Installs CA Certificates.

  • Installs Bash.

  • Installs Curl.

  • Installs GnuPG.

  • Installs and configures Git (including default branch).

  • Installs OpenSSL.

  • Installs OpenSSH.

  • Installs and configures Vim as default editor.

  • Sets xterm as default terminal.



To set up the project, run:

git clone
cd docker-alpine-base
git checkout 2.1.0


All versions of this image can be found on Docker Hub. The image can be pulled as follows:

docker pull bkuhlmann/alpine-base:latest  # Pull latest version.
docker pull bkuhlmann/alpine-base:2.1.0   # Pull specific version.

You can also build on top of this image via your Dockerfile:

FROM bkuhlmann/alpine-base:latest  # Latest version.
FROM bkuhlmann/alpine-base:2.1.0   # Specific version.


To contribute, run:

git clone
cd docker-alpine-base

To build, run:


To use the console, run:


To deploy a new version (i.e. 1.2.3), run:

bin/deploy 1.2.3

Deploying, without specifying a version, will default to tagging the image as latest. Best practice is to deploy both the latest version and specific tag. Example:

bin/deploy 1.2.3


To test, run:

bash --version
curl --version
git --version
gpg --version
openssl version
ssh -V
vim --version